D2D-IDEX Registration & guidelines

EPTDA is primarily an association of distributors in the Power Transmission and Motion Control (PT/MC) industry. It is a platform where distributors can share ideas and best practices, and also discuss and find solutions to specific issues they have to deal with on a daily basis.

EPTDA aimed to go one step further in facilitating these exchanges of ideas between distributors, by presenting the informal distributor-to-distributor (D2D) meetings program.

Due to the success of the project over the past three years, EPTDA is coming with an enhanced / elevated D2D program at the 2018 Annual Convention in London. Organized in the style of the MD-IDEX meetings, the D2D meetings will have a dedicated pre-booking system in place.

Created to meet requirements that have long been on the priority lists of distributors who want to share best practices and ideas one-on-one with other distributors, the EPTDA D2D meetings program is a concept, which the association is confident will be of great added value to all distributors.

Appointment setting

Please note that there is a booking system supporting the scheduling of D2D appointments, similar to the on-line tool created for the MD-IDEX program.

  • The on-line booking portal will be accessible from Monday, 10th of September at 2 PM (CET) until Friday, 14th of September at 12 PM (CET).
  • The on-line booking portal will be accessible to all distributors.


Attending pre-scheduled appointments is mandatory for all D2D Meeting Session participants. By scheduling a meeting session, participants commit to attending to that meeting. In case of absence due to unforeseeable circumstances, the signed-up participants are required to duly inform the other parties as soon as possible.


All EPTDA distributor companies hosting a D2D Table must ensure a permanent presence of decision-making level company representatives. In case this becomes impossible due to unforeseeable circumstances, the hosting distributor company is required to inform both the other parties to the scheduled meetings, and the EPTDA Bureau.


D2D Meeting Sessions participants may display literature and limited product samples (small size) on their hosted table. All the material must fit on the table provided. Participants are responsible for handling shipment of their own samples / literature. Shipping information will be provided upon request.


Participants to the EPTDA D2D meeting sessions at the EPTDA London 2018. Annual Convention should be aware that exchanging commercially sensitive information, even in the context of a trade association such as EPTDA, may qualify as a potential breach of European competition law and / or the national competition rules of the EU Member States.

While participating in the EPTDA D2D Meeting Sessions, all participants explicitly confirm that they will comply with EU competition law and / or the national competition rules of the EU Member States, and endeavor to maintain sound and fair business operations.



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