Booking procedure

MD-IDEX meetings are booked online prior to the convention following a strict schedule

Keep your agenda tuned!

The appointments for the MD-IDEX program are made prior to the EPTDA Convention, online with the dedicated EPTDA appointment maker. Make sure the dates are marked in your agenda and get in the starting blocks on time to make your appointments.

The times indicated in the table below are based on Brussels time (GMT +1).


Release of credentials
(access codes) by email*



Tuesday, 24 July



Appointment booking session


for distributors only



opening date: Monday, 3 September
at 2 PM (CET)


closing date: Friday, 7 September
at 12 PM (noon) (CET)



Appointment booking session


for manufacturers only



opening date: Monday, 10 September
at 2 PM (CET)


closing date: Friday, 14 September
at 12 PM (noon) (CET)



Common appointment booking
session for all



opening date: Friday, 14 September
at 2 PM (CET)


closing date: Tuesday, 18 September
at 12 PM (noon) (CET)



Open for read access only



Wednesday, 19 September


*Credentials for accessing the appointment system are sent to only one delegate of the participating member companies - either the 1st delegate or appointed colleague.



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