MD-IDEX Appointments Scheduler

Pre-reserve your MD-IDEX appointments from 4 to 15 September at EPTDA Rome 2017

Prepare today for holding successful meeting sessions in September

Appointments for the MD-IDEX sessions must be made on-line, through EPTDA’s user-friendly, secured system on

  • Distributors may access the online portal from Monday 4th of September at 2 pm (CET) to Friday 8th of September at 12 pm (noon);
  • Manufacturers may access the online portal from Friday 8th of September at 2pm (CET) to Wednesday 13th of September at 12pm (noon);
  • Additionally, access is open for all distributors and manufacturers alike, from Wednesday 13th of September at 2pm (CET) to Thursday 14th of September at 12pm (noon).

In order to become familiar with the on-line MD-IDEX appointments maker, visit EPTDA’s MD-IDEX web demo here.

Secured access

Access to the EPTDA MD-IDEX on-line appointment maker is password protected. Each participating company will receive one set of credentials – username and password – to login to their private area, schedule appointments with other companies and download their agenda.

Important notice: The MD-IDEX credentials will be sent to the 1st representative of the member company (unless agreed otherwise in particular cases, upon request).


Participating distributors will have the possibility to book, during almost one week, up to eight appointments (25 minutes each) with the participating manufacturers.


Participating manufacturers will access the booking tool after the distributors, and set, during almost one week, up to six appointments (25 minutes each) with the participating distributors.

Common session

After the distributors’ booking session and the manufacturers booking session, a common booking session lasting one full day will allow each participating company - distributors and manufacturers alike - to fill-in their blank agenda slots by scheduling appointments with other available companies.


All appointments must be made within the allocated time intervals, respectively, and through the dedicated online MD-IDEX appointment maker. Set appointments cannot be changed outside the allocated time intervals.

Cancellations by the "inviting" company are only possible during their allocated booking session. The invited company may not refuse an appointment made by the inviting company.

All participants are requested to attend the set appointments. In case they cannot do so due to unforeseen circumstances, they are requested to inform the other party accordingly, as soon as possible, and to arrange a meeting at another time, during or after the annual convention.

After the MD-IDEX on-line booking sessions, participants can download their individual meeting agendas.



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