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Hamish Taylor is an award-winning CEO and now an inspirational speaker and broadcaster whose career has taken him from international consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble, consultancy firm Price Waterhouse and British Airways to become CEO of the Channel Tunnel rail operator Eurostar, and then Sainsbury’s Bank… all before he was 40!

In all cases he left behind a record of significant business growth, triggered by a willingness to challenge the normal way of doing things, with the result that his advice and assistance is now sought by organisations all over the world in many different industries. The Inspired Leaders Network gave him the title Master Thief, based on his record of transferring ideas between sectors. Hamish was the “non-airline guy” going into the airline, the “non-railway man” running a railway, the “non-banker” in charge of a bank.

Each time, his key challenge was to create a culture of collaboration and innovation within an organisation not used to this (and fearful of the “risk of failure”) and, in doing so, ensure that the customer was always placed at the core of all activities.

Hamish uses both his practical senior line management experience and his experience in applying these lessons to a wide range of industries, to defy both organisations and teams to think differently about how they approach collaboration, innovation and change and re-focus their activity and behavior accordingly.

'Trains, Planes... and Toilet Cleaners' will challenge PT/MC industry leaders in four key areas that Hamish believes are central. Leaders in the PT/MC industry, get ready to receive Hamish Taylor’s genuine insights into the world of business, with an inspirational and practical approach that will make you experience turning points in the way you lead your organisations and teams.


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