Nicklas Bergman

Entrepreneur & Technology Investor

Nicklas Bergman has spent the last 25 years working as an entrepreneur and technology investor, mostly focusing on investments and business development in emerging markets, IT software and hardware, instrumentation, nanotechnology, new materials and new media art, currently through more than 10 direct and indirect investments.

With the aim to understand where technology is taking us and if we are ready for the upcoming Techstorm, he divides his time between existing and new investments and advising, speaking and writing on the future of technology, business and society. Bergman is strategic advisor to European Commissioner, Carlos Moedas and the European Innovation Council, working on a new innovation strategy for Europe. He is the founding partner of the Techstorm Institute and also Scandinavian representative of the TechCast Technology Think Tank in Washington DC.

As a writer, his most recent work is “Navigating the Techstorm – the business impact of technology beyond the hype”, a practical guide in how to analyze technologies, assess business implications and adapt to a new reality. Bergman is also frequently published in major business and technology journals.

We’re entering an era in which technology will redefine who we are, and it’s no longer just a question of what it can do for us, but what should we allow technology to do. Technology in itself is pointless, it’s the applications and ability to improve people’s lives that’s important.

Navigating the Techstorm - the business impact of technology beyond the hype

Digitization is highly relevant but only the warm-up. True disruption will come from a combination of new digital technologies such as AI, blockchain and the Internet of Things in combination with a deeper understanding of nanotechnology, neuro technology as well as biotechnology and genetics. In a couple of decades, this will create a world that’s totally different from the one we’re living in today.

To be able to capture the business opportunities emerging from new innovations, first you need to analyze technologies to see what’s out there. Further it’s essential to understand the timing perspective: When will a technology break through and reach a mainstream audience? Second, you must assess the business implications from competition, customer and company perspectives. Finally, one has to adapt to a new reality which means new perspectives on leadership, ethics, sustainability and uncertainty.



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