Tom Gale

CEO at Modern Distribution Management (MDM)

Tom Gale is the CEO of Modern Distribution Management, a market research and media company focused on industrial product and distribution markets globally.

He is working with EPTDA to strengthen the Future Leaders program with expert content specialists, management skills development, networking and career advancement opportunities for all members.

Learn & lead with your digital knowledge

PIM, SEO, CRM, ERP, AI… and the list goes on. This alphabet of digital projects changes quickly and challenges every EPTDA distributor and manufacturer. But too many companies don’t have a solid foundation or plan to ensure both short-term and long-term success. This seminar will outline the building blocks – in technology, change and process management – to compete more effectively as a digitally enabled supplier to your customers. As an EPTDA Future Leader and part of a digitally literate generation, you must take a leadership role within your management team today – to increase understanding, to align digital projects with strategy, and to grow your career as you help your company navigate its future transformation. Join us to learn the latest tools for digital assessment, project definition and management to create a digital action plan and lead your team forward in its digital journey. And just as importantly, learn by networking with your peers the best ways to get buy-in across the organization, and how to advance your career in this disruptive and digital age, whether in marketing, sales or operational management roles.



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