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Child Poverty in Germany! Die Arche fights against it! Die Arche comes alongside the kids that visit it’s after school program practically, emotionally and relationally. From providing free, healthy and hot meals to the kids to assisting them with their schoolwork, Die Arche is there to support, encourage and inspire the kids in many different ways. A wide range of free time activities including sports and music are also provided and, above all, young people get plenty of much needed encouragement and affirmation from our staff in order to build their confidence and sense of self-worth. Children need to know they are valued and that their contribution can make a difference. They need to know that they are important and loved. Unfortunately, many kids in our country don't experience this kind of much needed attention at home.

In addition to that, Die Arche has made it its business to publicly address areas in our society regarding the children that need improvement or where action for change should be taken. The leadership team at Die Arche works closely with representatives in the political and economic arena in order to keep these key leaders informed about the current situation with today ́s kids that are stricken by poverty and low income living from the ground up.

Bernd Siggelkow, the founder and leader of Die Arche, has been the recipient of several awards for his dedication to today’s youth in Germany, like the “Verdienstorden des Landes Berlin” (the Medal of Honour of the state of Berlin) and the “Bundesverdienstkreuz” (the Cross of Honour of the Federal Republic of Germany). Die Arche itself has been awarded the “Carl von Ossietzky Medaille der Internationalen Liga für Menschenrechte” (the Carl von Osietzky Medal awarded by the International League of Human Rights) and the “Hanse-Merkur-Preis für Kinderschutz” (the Hanse-Merkur-Award for child protection).

Founded in Berlin in 1995, this Christian children and youth organization has nineteen facilities represented all over Germany and is reaching over 4,000children and youth. In addition to that the Ark also works in Warszawa (Poland) and has two houses in Switzerland. The demand to open more facilities is mostdefinitely there, as there are many more children in need of such a program. However, this can only be accomplished with outside support. Die Arche is a non-profit organization that is funded almost 100% by donations.

For more information, please Die Arche Vision or go to their website here.


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