Ramon Vullings

Speaker, author, cross-industry expert & ideaDJ

IdeaDJ, Ramon Vullings helps business leaders bring the outside world in. He advocates why remixing ideas across-sectors and industries is not only smart, but the only strategy to thrive in a highly complex, increasingly competitive and digitally connected world.

Ramon Vullings’ 20+ years of experience in creativity and innovation over the five continents, has attracted the interest of NASA, Rabobank, Nike, Volkswagen, TEDx, Siemens, PwC, FloraHolland, Audi and several other global leaders. His down-to-earth personality, beyond-the-obvious thinking, and a great sense of humor helps him connect on a very authentic level with like-minded visionaries and innovators around the world.

Ramon’s ways are quite unique. As an ideaDJ, he doesn’t just help leaders THINK differently – he makes them ACT differently. And at occasions, INSTANTLY. From Copy-Paste to Copy-Adapt-Paste, from EGO to LEGO, from logical to illogical yet highly relevant decision-making processes, he really does help find the ideaDJ in all of his audience members by letting them explore and navigate all elements of their inner intellect.

Ramon has written three great books on business creativity and cross-industry innovation. He is the Chairman of European Association for Creativity & Innovation (EACI). Besides his work as international speaker and innovation consultant, Ramon is also the Executive Professor at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven and at the Antwerp Management School.

Be an ideaDJ & rock cross-industry innovation

Ramon will share insights from his latest research focusing on how leaders can leverage the power of combinations in an ever more complex world. Our society and businesses face complicated and 'wicked problems'. Ramon shows how cross-over cooperation between silos and sectors, and cross-industry innovation are crucial to resolve these conflicts.

Everyone is capable of using insights from other domains. We humans (customers) have a natural tendency to cross reference ourselves with new boundaries, yet most companies and organizations fail to implement that same natural phenomenon in business. Leaders must take a helicopter view to realize that everything is connected!

Ramon will share examples from his own practice and real-life issues with world’s renowned organizations. He will help the audience become an IdeaDJ themselves, and mix things up, for innovative and creative – data-driven – solutions.





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